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web design and marketing

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Make more money. Feel less stress. Enjoy more free time.

stand out from the crowd

elegant site DESIGN

Impress clients. Build confidence. Automate your business.

search engine optimization (SEO)

rank higher

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stress-free website management

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Focus on your business. Leave the updates & maintenance to us.

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You deserve a website that's built for your business and your audience. One that looks fresh and updated. One that can grow with you. Edwin Marie Web Design does just that! From beautifully designed websites to a unique customized approach, Edwin Marie delivers websites that stand out from the crowd.

WE ARE ...

faith-filled, veteran-owned, and focused on local businesses. We are also married with four amazing children.


beautiful, engaging websites that speak to your business. Our goal is to seamlessly represent your business and values.


a website that stands out from the crowd and is easy to use. We will be there for you for all of the "what the hecks" moments, too.

Our Creative Crew

Behold the work of the one-two punch!

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Derek Entrekin (owner of Edwin Marie) Headshot

Derek Edwin Entrekin

Design | Build | SEO | Sales
Derek, a US Army veteran, began his education into web design in 2012. He coupled his extensive marketing and corporate sales experience to bring a well-rounded approach to his clientele.

His focus is on the front-end interactions with clients including sales, design, UX/UI, and the majority of the buildout process. He will learn about your business and develop a beautiful design and masterful website.
Jeannie Entrekin headshot

Jeannie Marie Entrekin

Account Manager | Service
Jeannie’s provides superior client service and responsive account management. Her passion in providing an exceptional experience is based on love for clients choosing Edwin Marie from all the options out there.

Jeannie focuses her attention on achieving personal connections with Edwin Marie clients via follow-up conversations, site maintenance consultations, and payment management for new and existing clients.


We offer many services such as branding, marketing, one-on-one training, and social media management, but our primary services are website design, seO, and website management.


You could go with a one size fits all design. Of course, you will look like everyone else and soon you will be outdated. Our clients believe they are worth more than the rest.

You deserve a website that demonstrates your business in a professional manner. One that makes clients want to contact you. One that you are proud to show off.

We help match your online presence to your brand by developing a compelling and well-thought out design. Connect with us to find your site's true potential.


Did you know that even the best of websites can't rank on the first page of Google without an SEO strategy? Edwin Marie Web Design does a lot more than just making your website look pretty. We rank your website on Google search results so that your website and business is more visible to your target clients.

Some of our work can be seen with businesses such as:
- Northwoods Fencing handling fencing in Taylor County, WI
- La Crosse Sign Group of Rochester which is the premier Rochester Sign Shop specializing in custom signs

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website management

Websites need care to be healthy and look great. It needs you to feed it, nurture it, and monitor it, like a newborn baby. You need to know how it's doing, what's going well, and what needs to be tweaked.

Don't stress and leave it to us. Edwin Marie's monthly website management takes care of updating your content, preventing and fixing site issues, adding application integrations from tools you already use, outbound link management, and more.

web design for everyone

We offer multiple pricing options that suit various budget and website needs. Payments can be made via monthly payments in our subscription service, 50% upfront and 50% on delivery for our custom sites, as well as a cost effective DIY training made in one lump sum prior to the course delivery.

got questions? let's talk

Subscription+ Plans are great starting points for new clients.

All Subcription+ plans are for a 24-month term which includes hosting on AWS, site security, support from real people, blazing fast page loading, and monthly maintenance.

Most sites can be built within 4-6 weeks with a low starting price point of $99/mo. There is no retainer fee, so you can get a professional grade website that will blow your competition away for less than most business expenses.



The right option for single service businesses, landing pages, and startups.

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Modern One-Page Site
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Professional Template
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Custom Integrations
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Supports Zapier
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$0 Retainer Fee
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Small Business+

A great fit for a multi-service business that does not add new content regularly.

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Everything in Starter+
A check icon separating each item in this bulleted list
5 Static Pages
A check icon separating each item in this bulleted list
Simple Editing Tool
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Custom Tutorials
A check icon separating each item in this bulleted list
Face-to-Face Training
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Easily sell products, services, subscriptions, portfolio work, online courses & downloads

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Everything in Professional+
A check icon separating each item in this bulleted list
10 Static Pages With Dynamic Integrations
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Shopping Cart
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Payment Gateway
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$999 Setup Fee
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Benefits of the subscription+ Plan

We know our subscription service can feel like it is just a payment plan since there is a limit of 24 payments, however, we include services other subscription plans do not offer.

What is templated design?

A template design is a pre-made website template that gives a great start for the overall design you are looking for in your new website. We then customize this template to fit your business' needs. This customization process may include structural changes, the addition/removal of elements, etc.

Why use a template design?

Templates dramatically cut down on the time it takes to design and buildout your new website which ultimately saves you money on our your total site development.

Custom from the ground up
say hello to the freshest website in the neighborhood

Our process takes between 13-20 weeks depending on the scope of your project and the results are well-worth the wait. All custom designs are built around your needs and brand.

Pricing Begins at $5,000
Discovery + Plan

Custom websites require a deep understanding of your business, so we will be working closely together definitely virtually and hopefully in-person.

We begin with a discovery phase that allows for research and understanding of your industry while also learning about your business' uniqueness.

Based on the discovery, we develop a custom timeline, identify assets needed, create a shared tracking tool, and generally plan out your entire build.

Tailored Design Process

We marinate on our notes taken during the discovery phase and get to work on creating a design that touches on all of your site needs while keeping your style and brand as our true north regarding all user experience and interaction decisions.

Pixel Perfect Buildout

Based on your approved design, we get to work building out your new website. As your site's development moves along, it is natural to discover new options, tweaks, and variations that may be better than our original design.

Your approval is required for all changes because you are the boss.

Hosting + Security + CDN

After your site has been built and is ready for launch, you can feel confident that your site will be as secure as possible. We use AMAZON WEB SERVICES for all hosting, security, SSL certificates, and as our content delivery network ensure your site will be secure and fast.

Custom Training

Now that your site has been launched and we are providing maintenance and technical support, you will be given access to a website editing tool which will allow you to update your site's content manually or, in some cases, automatically with a connection using Zapier.

You will receive a series of custom-recorded tutorial videos specific to your site. No more searching on YouTube for a how-to video. All solutions to edit your site's content are now available in a simple video library.

Ask to see if you can receive free, in-person training.

Maintenance + Support

After your site has been launched, we will take over the heavy-lifting for your site's upkeep and also provide technical support during our business hours.

Our maintenance plans are designed to alleviate your monthly workload regarding updating your site's content. Have a new meeting, blog post, or service you want listed online? We will update that. Need to embed code or integrate tools. We can handle that for you. Content creation is not included.

Have a question? We are available during normal business hours for phone and video calls.


Learn how to do-it-yourself

Want to build a website for yourself from the ground up? Well, it's a lot of work, but we are happy to guide you through this process with our one-on-one DIY Course.

Pricing Begins at $1,500
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We focus on learning about you plus your industry, clients, and  competition in order to lead our design flow down the right path.

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We take the research, let it marinate, and plan on how  to present your business both effectively and with an inspiring beauty.

A sketching icon


Once you know how the design will present your business, we add window dressing with animation, color, imagery, and more.

A skyline icon


The plan has been made and we take your design to the next level with our vast buildout experience and customization integrations.

Phase 1

Discovery + Design

First, create a container to house the card elements.

In this case, I have created 'c-cards-list' and 'w-cards-list'. 'c' represent container and 'w' represent wrapper. This is my standard structuring method to prepare the elements for complicated interactions just in case.

Similarly, create 'c-card' and 'w-card' inside the container. Style the 'w-card' element according to your preference and then add in required content.

Phase 2

Initial Build

To create a stacking effect, you will required to use the 'position: sticky'.

Apply 'position: sticky' to 'c-card' element and apply at least 1px for the top position.

By now, you should be able to see the cards stacking on top of each other while you scroll down the page.

Phase 3

Create layering effects for stacked cards

Great. Now you have successfully stacking the cards on top of each other. To make them looks better, we will create some layering effect.

Create combo class for each of the 'c-card' element. For example, '1', '2', '3' and etc. Then add some value in the top position. For example, for first card, you can give it 20px from the top to make some spacing. Then for the following cards, you can add 100px each. You can adjust the value based on your design and layout.

Example: First card : 20px ; Second card : 120px ; Third card : 220px ; and so forth...

Phase 4

Enhancing layering effect with interaction

To make the layering looks even much better, you can apply interaction into 'c-card' elements.

Apply 'While scrolling in view' interaction to 'c-card' elements and ensure it affects all same class. Set the smoothing value to 90%.

Insert 'Scale' interaction starts at keyframe 40% (scale value: 1) and end at 100% (scale value: 0.8). Set it to affect 'Interaction Trigger' (c-card).

Now you should be seeing the cards stacking on top of each other with nice layering and depth.

Site Launch


Now, have fun and start cloning. 😍

If you encountered any issue during cloning, feel free to contact us by clicking the 'Need help?' button on the right.

You can also support our work by following us on our social media or buy us a cup of coffee.


ALL OVER THE country

But we prefer local businesses we can meet face-to-face with if needed. It's just better no matter how you look at it.


We love our customers and they are sending love back. There is nothing we want more than to hear them say they value our work and we hope one day soon you do, as well.

Recent Projects

Our clients are photographers, vineyards, contractors, municipalities, newspapers, and so much more. Basically, we help any small to midsize business develop a clean, modern presence online.

Our Latest Blog

Our blog focuses on existing clients, hearing from industry resources, attending social events, best practices, training on existing services, and upcoming offerings such as limited time discounts. Sound interesting?