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You deserve a website that's built for your business and your audience. One that looks fresh and updated. One that can grow with you. Edwin Marie Web Design does just that! From beautifully designed websites to a unique customized approach, Edwin Marie delivers websites that stand out from the crowd.

WE ARE ...

a local web design agency focused on serving our community and its businesses.


beautiful, engaging websites that cater to your clients and reinforce your brand.


a designer-client experience that stands out  based on customer service & work quality.


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We can unleash your online potential with our comprehensive suite of web-based services. Find our featured solutions below and discover how we can meet your needs with some or all of our services.

elegant & powerful

Website Design

You could go with a one size fits all design. Of course, you will look like everyone else and soon you will be outdated. Our clients believe they are worth more than the rest.

You deserve a website that demonstrates your business in a professional manner. One that makes clients want to contact you. One that you are proud to show off.

We help match your online presence to your brand by developing a compelling and well-thought out design. Connect with us to find your site's true potential.



Did you know that even the best of websites can't rank on the first page of Google without an SEO strategy? Edwin Marie Web Design does a lot more than just making your website look pretty. We rank your website on Google search results so that your website and business is more visible to your target clients.

Some of our work can be seen with businesses such as:
- ASSURE PLUMBING offers Plumbers Fredericksburg VA can trust and recently completed a website redesign
- Sparkling Klean specializes in Commercial Cleaning

gain Peace of mind

Website Management

Websites need care to be healthy and look great. It needs you to feed it, nurture it, and monitor it, like a newborn baby. You need to know how it's doing, what's going well, and what needs to be tweaked.

Don't stress and leave it to us. Edwin Marie's monthly website management takes care of updating your content, preventing and fixing site issues, adding application integrations from tools you already use, outbound link management, and more.

Trusted by brands all over the country

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We love our customers and they are sending love back. There is nothing we want more than to hear them say they value our work and we hope one day soon you do, as well.

ALL OVER THE country

But we prefer local businesses we can meet face-to-face with if needed. It's just better no matter how you look at it.

Featured work

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Our clients are photographers, vineyards, contractors, municipalities, newspapers, and so much more. Basically, we help any small to midsize business develop a clean, modern presence online.

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Our blog focuses on existing clients, industry resources, social events, best practices, existing services, and limited discounts.