Boss Babe

The Boss Babe website is a high-impact, visually stimulating platform designed for author and public speaker Tammy Minor. With a sleek color palette of white, black, gray, and red, the website exudes style while promoting Tammy's book, "Shut The But Up," and her primary services – Keynote speaking and one-to-one empowerment consultations. The goal was to create an instant wow factor, seamlessly incorporate an appointment booking tool, and provide a modern contact form for enhanced interactions.

Project Brief

Streamlined Booking Process:One of the primary objectives was to implement a user-friendly and secure online booking system. This system allows Tammy's clients to easily reserve spots for Keynote speaking engagements and empowerment consultations. It streamlines the entire booking process, from form submissions to payment processing and confirmation notifications.

Mobile Responsiveness:To ensure a consistent and enjoyable user experience across all devices, we made the website fully responsive. Whether accessed from desktops, tablets, or mobile phones, visitors can navigate the site effortlessly, appreciating its aesthetics and functionality.

Integration of Multimedia Content:Incorporating multimedia elements was crucial to showcasing Tammy's expertise and the essence of her book. The website features videos, photos, and testimonials that highlight the empowerment and inspiration Tammy offers. These elements provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of her services and engage them effectively.


  • A visually stimulating and exciting website that creates an instant wow factor.
  • Seamless integration of an appointment booking tool for Keynote speaking and consultations.
  • A modern, custom contact form to facilitate interactions.
  • Mobile responsiveness for a consistent user experience across all devices.
  • Multimedia elements (videos, photos, testimonials) to showcase Tammy's expertise.

End Result

The result of the Boss Babe website project is a visually stunning online presence that not only promotes Tammy Minor's book and services but also captivates visitors with its high-end, posh design. By seamlessly incorporating an appointment booking tool, a modern contact form, and multimedia content, the website offers an engaging and interactive experience. Additionally, its mobile responsiveness ensure maximum visibility and accessibility for where the vast majority of her clients view her site, a mobile device.. The Boss Babe website truly embodies style, empowerment, and sophistication, making an impactful statement in the world of female entrepreneurship and empowerment.

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