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We're thrilled to announce the launch of Your Shears' new website, designed and developed by Edwin Marie! As a web design company that specializes in helping small to mid-size businesses grow their online presence, we were excited to work with Your Shears to create a modern and user-friendly website that truly reflects their brand. In addition to designing and building the website, we also provided Your Shears with a full suite of branding and marketing materials, including a new logo, business cards, and shirt designs. Our team worked closely with Your Shears to ensure that every aspect of their new website and branding materials aligned with their unique vision and goals. We're proud of the final result and confident that Your Shears' new website will help them attract more customers and stand out from the competition. Thank you to the Your Shears team for trusting us with your web design and branding needs!

Project Brief

Project Overview:

Your Shears, a top-rated provider of professional hair stylist shears and sharpening services, recently sought the expertise of Edwin Marie to help compliment their existing marketing as well as grow their online presence. The reason behind their decision was due to the unsatisfactory results from their previous web designer, which was attributed to the lack of communication and the subpar site design.


  • Create e-commerce website with heavy emphasis on modern design
  • Website screen responsiveness
  • Enhance website management experience with faster response times
  • Create branding that appeals to high-end hair stylists


In addition to redesigning the website, Your Shears also required a complete rebranding to appeal to the high-end stylist community. With a reputation for excellent customer service, prompt shear sharpening, and high-quality shear sales, Your Shears serves clients from Minneapolis to Green Bay.

The rebranding initiative was a crucial step for Your Shears to reposition itself as a leading-edge brand in the hair styling industry. To achieve this, Edwin Marie worked closely with the Your Shears team to design a new logo and branding materials that would elevate the company's image to a higher level of sophistication and elegance.

The web design team at Edwin Marie used their extensive experience in website design and development to create a modern and user-friendly website that aligned with the company's rebranding efforts. The new website design incorporated advanced features, including a streamlined checkout process, a responsive design that adapts to all devices, and integration with social media platforms.

End Result

We are delighted to announce that Edwin Marie has successfully delivered exceptional results for Your Shears' website redesign project. Our team has achieved all the goals set forth by Your Shears, resulting in a modern and responsive website that is user-friendly, fast, and seamlessly integrated with the company's corporate ERM system.

Our web design team has gone above and beyond to lay a solid foundation for future needs and advancements, ensuring that Your Shears' website is designed with scalability in mind. We have incorporated cutting-edge technologies and best practices to ensure that the site will continue to meet the evolving needs of Your Shears as the company grows and expands.

At Edwin Marie, we understand the importance of providing ongoing website maintenance and support to ensure that the site remains up-to-date and performing at its best. We are committed to delivering top-notch website maintenance and support services to Your Shears to keep the site running smoothly and efficiently.

Overall, we are thrilled to have partnered with Your Shears to deliver a website that meets their needs and sets them apart from their competitors. Our team's dedication, expertise, and attention to detail have resulted in a website that reflects Your Shears' brand identity and provides an exceptional user experience to their customers.

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