Simba Carpet Services

Simba Carpet Services offers carpet cleaning services in a populated suburb of Washington, DC. Their competition was thick and they needed a way to stand out from the crowd.

Project Brief

Simba Carpet Services was looking to update their website which they built on Wix by themselves after a poor experience with a non-local web designer. They discovered that designing and editing a website is not as easy as commercials will have you believe so they reached out to Edwin Marie. We noticed their existing site lacked a clear call-to-action and the content heavy site (alway good for a service based business) was difficult to navigate and digest. They had a lot of the elements that website needs to become successful, but the presentation was dated and confusing.

Initial Requirements

Our research and development began with considering what was working in the industry across the region and what could be improved upon. We studied larger businesses to replicate the core services they promoted as well as to create a clear, consistent voice throughout the site. During the presentation to the owner, we discovered there were some primary needs:

  • Easy editor so they could manage their website's content without site maintenance
  • Clean, modern style that was familiar but incorporated slick interactions
  • Organized content with clear CTAs with various responses
  • Integrate social media accounts including YouTube channel which allowed for consistent demonstrations of their work
  • Updated images and videos that told the story of their business


Monthly Web Design Plan with Simplified Editor

The main problem with site building platforms such as Wix (this client's current building tool) is that there are a lot of variables one must consider with each edit. Our simplified editor allowed the design and guess work to be taken out of the equation allowing for simple text, image, and video edits in an easy-to-navigate editor. Training videos were included, as well.

Simple & Modern Design

All of our monthly plan options call for a customized-template and we chose a look that relayed professional, clean (pardon the pun), and worthy of a call.

Targeted Call-to-Actions

From monthly and seasonal sales to in-home estimates, we introduced over 10 opportunities for the site visitor to request business from our client.

Enhanced Written Content

All monthly plans come standard with written content enhancements which takes existing or client-supplied content and freshens it up. The result is a personalized story that projects a high-level of quality.

End Result

The final website turned out to brilliantly incorporate all of the project's initial needs with a smart UX/UI interface.

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