Collins Contracting

This Mid-Atlantic contracting company was looking to refresh their site after they were unhappy with previous work done from competitors.

Project Brief

The goal of this website was a refresh from their existing work. The back story is a common one with clients that come to us. They purchased a website build with additional service add-ons from a competitor and they were unhappy with the way their vision came to be.

Collins was looking for a simple editing tool that allowed for easy updates of their content without having to learn the backend of a custom-built website or even a cumbersome program such as WordPress. Additionally, the design needed to be modern, but nothing overstated or outside of a professional feel. So, the idea was to create a modern website that felt more advanced than what was already out there.


  • Customized design based on industry appropriate template
  • Responsive to all screen sizes
  • CMS that allowed for a dynamic project portfolio
  • UX/UI that took a back seat to functionality and simplicity

End Result

The end result of this project has been a cleanly designed website that allows for easy edits using an editor interface that can be learned within 20 minutes. Tutorial videos were drafted as they are with all of our projects.

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