When businesses first begin working with Edwin Marie, we almost always begin with the need for a new website and a need for timely customer service support. As we prove our worth, our clients begin to consider consolidation of online services with one of these services being search engine optimization. While there are many SEO companies out there (literally there are thousands), we tend to focus on serving local SEO needs as our primary clients tend to be local businesses which falls in line with our mission.

In this article, we will explore one of our SEO clients, La Crosse Sign Group, and show some data as to how we have impacted their business marketing efforts. This article is one which we consider "evergreen" as it will be a post we continually update so be sure to check back often to see just how the data stacks up overtime.

Rochester Sign Shop

Looking to open a Rochester sign shop, La Crosse Sign Group came to us with a need to establish an online profile that lifted them above their local competition within Google search results. Having served the Rochester, MN community for decades, there was an obvious natural transition to opening a physical location. However, just having a sign up on a street is only one way to get the business name out there and so an online plan was developed to update the website content, add some needed citations online, and create a balanced link building strategy.

They built their new location around Lou Kastler, a Rochester native, who has extensive career experience in business development, marketing, and project management that have brought him a wealth of knowledge. While Lou has worked for some of the largest companies in America, his decades of experience also includes small business ownership which directly benefits LSG's target client base.

Here's an example of the work that the Rochester office performed.

The Process

We began our 12-month project in June of 2022 by using a four stage process. As all of our SEO work is based on a one-year plan, the process allows for both Edwin Marie and our clients to develop a long-term vision and specific goals that compliment the business' vision and best practices.

Phase 1: On-site Optimization

When we begin our first phase, we take a holistic approach to the client website's on-site health. This includes fixing any specific site errors we think are hurting the chances of a target page's ranking as well as adding keyword rich content that allows the site to first be seen and rank within Google's search engine.

For LSG-Rochester, this included sign company themed keywords on their location page, as well as their portfolio projects.

Here is an example of some of keywords we focused on. Some keywords were initially landing on page 1 due to the power of the domain, however, you can see some keywords began on page 10 and then moved up dramatically.

Once we zeroed in on the written content's initial additions and error solutions, we then moved to on to phase 2 in July 2022. By the end of July we are hoping to see another significant bump from lower page 1 to top 3 organic results.

Phase 2: GMB & Online Citations

One of the must-haves in getting a local business ranked is a properly developed Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). Fortunately, LSG has an amazing marketing manager in Corissa Miller who setup the GBP for the new Rochester location.

Yes, we definitely work with existing marketing teams to create a more robust and well-rounded SEO plan.

This phase includes the following components, but we also added a few secret-sauce elements, too:

  • Targeted website destination to location page
  • Customized location contact info
  • Large upload of optimized imagery and videos

Once the GBP was created, we then moved into getting the location cited across the web using well-known indexing websites such as Facebook, Yelp, etc. This took the remainder of the month which then leads us into Phase 3 for August 2022.

Phase 3: Coming Soon

As we start our next phase in August, be sure to check back for our data points.


As you will see over time, our work is focused on the long-term, "white-hat" techniques of getting a business identified and then recommended by Google.

Derek Entrekin
Derek has worked in web design and SEO since 2012. In 2018, he created Edwin Marie Web Design as an affordable and modern web design company serving small businesses. He frequently offers keynote speaking engagements across the country as well as private and group training for entrepreneurs.
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