M Harris Studios

A high-end wedding photographer and sought after photography educator, Michelle Harris came to Edwin Marie to move her website from the entry-level Squarespace platform to a more robust website that spoke to her ideal affluent clientele base.

Project Brief


Michelle Harris, owner of M Harris Studios, is a successful wedding photographer. She travels the world in search of capturing the look of her modern clients to reflect their personalities. Additionally, she has built a strong business training up and coming photographers.

While Michelle was experienced at creating a website on SquareSpace which she did when she started her own business, she was looking for a website platform that projected a higher level of professionalism within the photography industry. Because of this need, she began the search for her ideal website software.

While attending an industry conference and after considerable research on her own, Michelle settled on the platform ShowIt as it offered an exceptional experience for the website visitors and it’s customer service had earned a strong reputation among her peers. Furthermore, ShowIt offered a front-end design builder. Essentially this just means she can drag and drop items on her site versus knowing coding. However, ShowIt does offer some robust coding options.

Michelle had a clear vision of the design she wanted for her new site, but she ultimately trusted us regarding the buildout. Because of her artistic skills, our technical strengths came to the forefront and complimented her overall project.



  • Website Architecture Framework
  • Website Design (Collaborative)
  • Written Content Creation


Once we began the process of building out the site, we noticed that there was little need for our general styling direction as merely presenting options allowed Michelle’s natural creativity to come out regarding the look she was shooting for her finished site.

Therefore, we designed the structure of the site on other websites that Michelle loved, we wrote the content around Michelle’s workflow with her clients, and we created unique components within her site that allowed her personality to really come across to her site visitors.


This was our first move into the ShowIt platform and ultimately took us twice as long as normal for the site’s completion. While this is fairly common when using new platforms, the result was a far superior website to the one Michelle had before and it earned her much praise from her peers.

Since Michelle preferred not to learn the new platform’s build out process, she required our monthly maintenance service thereby saving her time so she could focus on growing her business. Because of clients similar to Michelle, we offer this service upon request, but it is by no means a requirement. Therefore, be sure to ask your EM contact about this service if you prefer to be more hands off and let us do the heavy lifting.

End Result

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